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I'm a Voice Actor

I'm a professional Voice Actor with years of experience in the world of audio production.

Voice Over on its own, or Full Production - I'm your guy

I'm Steve, and I create Radio Ads.

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So, you've found me. And you're here for one one reason. You need someone to help convey your brand message in a meaningful, thought-provoking way, that connects with your potential customers on an emotional level.

And now you can breathe a sigh of relief and congratulate yourself, because you've just found that someone.

I can connect with your viewers and listeners and make them feel your brand by injecting a host of believable emotions and qualities, such as humour, sadness, joy, inspiration, intrigue (and a plethora more) into my reads, thus, infusing your brand words with shades of deeper meaning.

So, why might a radio ad help your business?

You need to BE HEARD

Unless your business is operating in a very niche sector, it is likely that there will be a number of businesses that present themselves when someone is searching for your specialisation. With this in mind, it makes sense to put yourself in the forefront of peoples minds when they are making their online search. By being heard on a well produced radio advertisement it is more likely that potential customers will search for you specifically as opposed to making a general search.

According to Radio Centre, radio boosts online brand browsing by an average of 52%. Results are immediate, with over half of responses generated within 24 hours of hearing the ad, and listeners are, on average, 48% more aware of companies that have been advertised on the radio and 12% more likely to consider them when buying.

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Here's just a few of the amazing clients I have been lucky enough to work with
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  • VO Clients, Lucketts Group, Lucketts Travel, Coach Travel Company,  Logo
  • VO Clients, Voquent, Creative Agency, Logo
  • VO Clients, National Express, NETS, UK National Coach Travel, Logo
  • VO Clients, Field and Flower, Field & Flower, Butcher, Ethical Meat Products, Logo
  • VO Clients, 3, 3 Angry Men, Creative Company, Logo

Price List

Your Options

SCRIPT WRITING - Script writing for a 30 second radio advertisement



MUSIC - You have the option to have fully licenced music mixed into your advertisement. This can often add depth to your project and help to solidify your message.



BSF - The Basic Studio Fee is a fee paid to Voice Actors for the time it takes them to record and edit in their studio. This is charged by the hour. The fee you will be charged will depend on the complexity of your project, this will be discussed and agreed before work commences. For reference, a 30 second read will usually take about 1 hour to record and edit.


 Usage Option 1

LOCAL RADIO EIGHT WEEK CAMPAIGN - You will have the right to air the recording for eight weeks on a single local radio station. I offer a 10% discount for usage on additional radio stations. You will need to pay the fee again each time you wish to air for a further Eight weeks. This option is great for local businesses.


 Usage Option 2

NATIONAL RADIO EIGHT WEEK CAMPAIGN - You will have the right to air the recording for eight weeks on a single national radio station. If you require airplay on more than one national radio station, a Full Buyout would be your most cost effective option. This option is great for online or national businesses.


 Usage Option 3

FULL BUYOUT - You will own the recording to use as you wish; for as long you wish. This option is great for businesses that aren't advertising a special event or offer and can use the advertisement over and over again, or businesses wishing to advertise on more than one national radio station.


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Whether you need me to help you get online with a brand new website and branding, or to shout your name from the rooftops with a professionally recorded Voice Over or fully fleshed-out radio commercial - I'd love to hear from you.

I work any hours that my wife brings me coffee